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Useful facts to mitigate risks when choosing pressure sensors for your medical applications

De Honeywell | 30 de abril de 2020

You’ve dedicated yourself to helping those who need it most, and Honeywell is committed to support you in that mission. As a leading provider in high-end sensor technologies, we offer a wide array of reliable products.

Doctor attending to patient

Honeywell Pressure Sensors help pull life-saving information from a single breath. They offer long-term stability by preventing drift over time and consistent performance across a range of temperatures and humidity levels. The sensors are temperature-compensated and calibrated for optimal performance. The modular and flexible design allows for easy integration into designs.

Let us help you choose the most suitable pressure sensors for your medical applications.

Fact 1:

Did you know you can determine how a specific sensor is going to perform within your equipment?

Honeywell pressure sensors are provided with Total Error Band values for each sensor. This combines the considerations and constraint characteristics in a single value that makes it easier to select the right sensors.

Fact 2:

Did you know that the null and full scan span changes with temperature?

MEMS-based pressure sensors have a large intrinsic temperature dependence. Temperature changes cause mechanical expansion and contraction of the die and may affect the sensitivity of the piezoresistive elements. Therefore, even if the sensor is calibrated at room temperature, the null and full scan span will change with temperature.

Fact 3:

Did you know that non-linearity and hysteresis can result from many things that are beyond user control?

Many amplified, compensated sensors have real-time ways to maintain accuracy in environments that continually change. The output signal should always match the pressure applied. But non-linearity and hysteresis can result from many things not under user control. Some amplified, compensated sensors allow for internal calibrations, lookup tables, and fit variables to help maintain accuracy in a changing environment.

Together we connect patients to care and comfort.

For more information, visit our medical page now or contact a sales representative.


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