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The EA31 High Performance 2D Imager is the industry’s first high-performance 2D imager to combine an LED-based aimer with very high motion tolerance to deliver incredible scanning responsiveness. Like the EA30, the EA31 imager features maximum motion tolerance and fast, omnidirectional scanning.

Its LED-based aimer is safe for customer- and patient-facing applications. It’s also an excellent choice for applications that require reading damaged, poorly printed, overlaid, and colored barcodes. The imager’s integrated decoding software can correct for many barcode imperfections on the fly. The result is an uncanny ability to interpret codes in difficult scanning situations. And thanks to our patented scanning algorithm, we’ve enhanced the scan range by an average of 60 percent when scanning EAN/UPC and Code 39 symbologies.


  • Highly visible 617 nm red LED scanning line: Makes your OEM products easy to aim, even in low light or indoor environments.
  • Omnidirectional reading capabilities: Helps to achieve high read rates irrespective of barcode angle or orientation.
  • Value-added decoding capabilities: Include ability to scan multiple barcodes in a single scan, and support for scanning in auto-trigger mode.
  • Compact dimensions: Fits the tightest mechanical constraints for easier integration into your designs.
  • Resistente: Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, vibrations and shock for extended use in tough environments.
  • Future-proofed scanning capabilities: Support for 1D, stacked, composite and 2D matrix codes provides assurance your designs will be ready for the future, while supporting today’s industry standards.
  • Easy to integrate: Features a wide range of integration options, including USB, RS-232 TTL and support for ISCP protocol.
  • Plug compatible with the ultra-compact Honeywell ED40 high performance decoder board, one of the smallest USB boards available: Provides outstanding performance in a very small footprint.


Designed for quick-action applications that prohibit lasers, such as customer- or patient-facing applications found in:

  • Cuidado de la salud
  • Retail point-of-sale
  • Kiosks and access control applications
 2D Scan Engine - Honeywell


EA31 2D Scan Engine Datasheet Hoja de datos Inglés 397KB
EA31 2D Scan Engine Highres Photo Foto Inglés 364KB
EA31 2D Scan Engine Lowres Photo Foto Inglés 60KB


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