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The 1700 systems are designed as instruments to monitor large motors (350 HP and larger). The systems monitor up to six customer-set temperature points, using RTDs (see Models 1705 and 1706 for thermocouples) and provide an alarm output for over-temperature conditions. The system can be configured to shut down the motors using the alarm output.

The Model 1700 system scans multiple Resistance Temperature Devices (RTDs) installed within the rotor windings or the starter bars providing data on minute changes in the thermal condition of the motor. Temperature monitoring of the windings is key to smooth operation. Overheating is a clear signal of an impending problem. This system monitors up to six RTD type temperature sensors and indicates the temperatures on an alphanumeric display. Any channel with a temperature greater than a programmable alarm set point can be displayed. The alarm feature has a relay output. The non-contact transmission method means no-fault path from the rotor to ground exists.


  • Modell 1700A: RTD-based, clamp-on collar
  • Modell 1701A: RTD-based, strap-on collar
  • Modell 1705A: Thermocouple-based, clamp-on collar
  • Modell 1706A: Thermocouple-based, strap-on collar
  • Induced power
  • Programmable alarm points
  • Hand-held programmer (optional)
Model  Temperature Monitoring System - Honeywell


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