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This combination pressure transducer and digital readout is designed for use in both industrial and laboratory applications. Accu-Gage offers portability, enhanced accuracy, industrial grade durability, and very competitive prices. Accu-Gage units are also often suitable for panel mounting to provide a clear readout of pressure or vacuum to machine operators on the process line or as on-line quality control moni­tors.

They are also often additions to statistical process control systems, using the RS-232 or RS-485 interface. Accu-Gage often handles even the harshest industrial environ­ments with a metal case and handle to avoid failures caused by shock or vibration often associated with the use of plastics. These instruments are often replacements for: precision dial gauges, mercury columns, and quartz tube barometers.

The Accu-Gage model AG-400 was designed to provide the most enhanced accuracy (0,05 % F.S.) and overall stability available in digital pressure indicators. To achieve the high level of stability demanded by Metrology and Calibration/Standards laboratories. Honeywell has chosen to fit all AG-400 instruments with our dependable, enhanced-accuracy pressure transducer. During manufacture the transducers undergo an extensive burn-in program.

In addition, all Accu-Gage instruments undergo individual burn-in prior to shipment, thus the AG benefits from a double burn-in at both transducer and instrument level. This truly enhances the long-term stability of the instrument enabling the Accu-Gage to perform as a high integrity pressure transfer standard. Full traceability is assured to National Standards.


  • Transducer with read out
  • Enhanced reading stability
  • 0,05 % (AG400) or 0,10 % (AG401) F.S. accuracy
  • 15 psi bis 60000 psi
  • N.I.S.T. traceable instrument and transducer
  • CE-zertifiziert
Druckmessumformer des -Modells - Honeywell


AG400/AG401 Accu-Gage Digital Gauge and Pressure Indicator Datasheet Datenblatt Englisch 336 KB
Modell AG400/AG401, Umrisszeichnung Technische Informationen Englisch 211 KB
Modell AG400/AG401, Frontansicht Foto Englisch 2 MB
Modell AG400/AG401 Rückansicht Foto Englisch 1 MB
Model AG400/AG401 Top View Foto Englisch 1 MB
Pressure Accessories Datasheet Datenblatt Englisch 374 KB
Produktleitfaden für T&M-Druckmessumformer Produktleitfaden Englisch 1 MB
Übersichtsbroschüre zu T&M Broschüre Englisch 413 KB
Broschüre Öl und Gas Broschüre Englisch 4 MB
Prüf- und Messfähigkeiten für die Luftfahrt Anwendungshinweise Englisch 2 MB


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