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The MICRO SWITCH V3 basic switch features a high electrical capacity, as well as long life. Its extended life cycle rating reduces the need to replace switches over the life in a platform - reducing total system cost. In addition, its very wide temperature range allows for years of reliable performance in the harshest of conditions. With a choice of SPDT, SPNC and SPNO contacts, the V3 Series features many lever styles, contact materials and terminal variations. In addition to UL/CSA, the MICRO SWITCH V3 basics also carry MIL-PRF approvals.


  • MIL-PRF-8805 listings suitable for precision switch assemblies in military applications
  • FAA-PMA approvals for commercial aircraft
  • Precision switch assemblies for commercial aircraft to monitor doors for “closed” and “locked” position
  • Landing gear monitor
  • Precision switch assemblies for commercial cockpit applications for pushbuttons, toggle or joystick assemblies
  • Precision switch assemblies in military applications
  • Assemblies for industrial pressure switches and temperature switches
  • Power generation fuel level (gas and oil)
V3 Series Basic Switches - Honeywell


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