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Reimagine your medical devices with the MPR Series of MicroPressure sensors. These sensors are designed to provide more design flexibility by offering improved functionality at a more cost-competitive price.


Enhanced Performance

Digital output and plug and
play features for easier implementation.


Reduced Power Consumption

Consumes .5 µA in sleep mode. Often ideal for portable applications!


Compact Design

A 5 mm x 5 mm footprint.


Wide Pressure Range

Varied pressure ranges for specific products offer engineers the opportunity to choose a suitable sensor from our portfolio for their products.



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Download the latest sell sheet.

Download the PDF



Like to work with CAD?
Download the CAD files for MPR.

Download the CAD Files



Download the latest data sheet.

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The MPR Series sensor has auto-zero calibration.
Learn how to use this technique to your advantage.

Download the PDF



Learn how to use the MPR Series sensor
for liquid-level sensing. 

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Read a white paper on how and where sensors
like the MPR Series can be used in
portable medical devices.

Download the PDF

MPR Series Overview

Watch this video to learn about Honeywell’s MicroPressure Series sensor and its applications.



Find the Right Sensor for Your Project

Plug in your specs and see if the MPR Series sensor will work for your project*







Interested in Testing Functionality or Contacting Us?

This evaluation board is pre-soldered. Just connect to our evaluation platform and an Arduino Uno. Reach out to see if you qualify for a sample.




Honeywell and SIoT

Watch this video to learn what Honeywell’s vision is for sensing and the IoT.



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