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Pathway to Efficiency: Verify, Track, Manage

Pathway to Efficiency in the Hospital:
Verify, Track, Manage

Reducing medical errors and connecting patients to the right care at the right time to increase their comfort and safety is at the forefront of every medical application. Honeywell’s barcode decoding OEM solutions are used throughout the hospital workflow - from the verification of patient identity to medication and sample tracking management - to enhance operational effectiveness and increase patient safety.
Read on to discover Honeywell's barcode decoding OEM solutions for your medical applications.

2. Point of Care
  • Medication Administration
  • Speciment Collection
  • Vitals Capture
  • Medical Device Data Capture
  • Alarm Management
  • EMR Data
  • Care Team Communication
  • Blood Transfusion
  • Records Management
  • Therapy & Discharge
1. Material & Stock Management
  • Track and trace health center stock and inventory of goods
3. Pharmacy Management
  • Medication Management
  • Dispensing and Compliance
  • Records Management
4. Laboratory Management
  • Specimen Tracking and Collection
  • Records Management
5. Positive Patient Identification
  • Patient Admission Identification
  • Proof Insurance Data Capture
  • ID Data Capture / Drivers License
  • Records Management
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

Positive Patient Identification

Positive patient identification starts at registration during the admissions process and will continue to be used until discharge.

Patient wristbands provide the positive identification hospitals need for maximum patient safety while raising the bar for performance in these critical environments.

With the use of Honeywell enabled decoding hardware or software, prevent mistakes and reduce medical errors with patient identity management.

patient identification

Point of Care

Hospitals clinicians and nurses are under constant pressure to collect complete and more accurate patient information while keeping it secure. Point of care barcode scanning devices come in many different forms.

However, point of care solutions begin with a proven core technology that Honeywell offers in their hardware and software decoding solutions.

Combining Honeywell technologies with virtually any OEM device links critical hospital system information with improved clinician productivity and most importantly, enhances patient safety.

Point of care

Laboratory Management

In-vitro diagnostics (IVD) testing is essential in early detection, diagnostics and treatment of countless medical conditions. Automating testing processes and tracking samples using barcode decoding technologies can play a significant role in patient care.

Barcoded IVD test kits ensure the correct consumables are loaded for every lab test, items have not expired, and the right analyzer settings are being used. Analysis can be verified against the original physician’s orders and chain of custody of samples can be confirmed.

Honeywell hardware and software barcode decoding solutions automate reagent identification and laboratory device calibration, reducing lab technician labor and human error. Value added imaging like cap detection is also possible as well as device synchronization using our reader’s external triggering.

Laboratory management

Pharmacy Management

Medication administration can be time consuming and also presents opportunities for error. Nurses can scan the patient’s wristband and their medication to confirm a match, ensuring the right patient receives the right medication at the right time.

Honeywell’s hardware and software barcode decoding solutions reduce the possibility of human error while streamlining a process to save time and cost by eliminating the need for additional paperwork.

In addition, hospital systems can link caregivers to patient treatment automatically for increased accountability.

Pharmacy management

Material & Stock Management

Managing the supply of goods - from instrumentation, tools, medicine and employee equipment - is a critical activity for hospitals and health centers.

Honeywell offers a complete product line of barcode scan engines and software allowing hospitals and health centers to track and trace the stock and inventory of goods.

More particularly, Honeywell’s solutions enable reading barcodes on warehouse shelves from up to 15m distance, as well as reading barcodes close to each other with class leading snappiness and motion tolerance (up to 6m/s). Our barcode scan engines are very compact and are developed on the same software platform, making them faster to integrate.

Material and Stock management

Our Solutions

N6700 Series

N6700 Series 2D Scan Engine

Effective: High performance scanning with new 1Mpx resolution sensor (up to 6m/s motion tolerance, up to 80cm read range onto UPC code)
Intuitive: Omni-directional 1D & 2D operation
Patient safe: Equipped with LED aimer
HD optics: Reads medical high resolution barcodes (down to 2.5mils)
Compact: Can fit into tight fixed or mobile devices (6.8mm height)
Beyond barcode: Supports multiple imaging applications (OCR, DPM, parsing)
Applications: Designed for fixed and mobile medical device manufacturers looking for high performance barcode scanning.

N3601 Series

N3601 Series 2D Scan Engine

Intuitive: Omni-directional 1D & 2D operation
Expanded read range: based on a 1Mpx sensor, can read up to 54 cm on UPC code
Patient safe: Equipped with LED aimer
Compact: Can fit into tight fixed or mobile devices (8.1mm height)
Cost effective: Optimized price/performance ratio
Beyond barcode: Supports multiple imaging applications (OCR, parsing)
Applications: Ideal for mobile medical device manufacturers (handheld scanners, mobile terminals, tablets) looking for an enhanced price/performance barcode scanning function.

CM Series

CM Series 2D Scan Module

Flexible: Choice of SR, HD & WA optics, VGA, WVGA, 1Mpx resolution
Compact: Free up room on admission counter/desk
Patient safe: Laser free aimer
Easy to integrate: All in one solution, standard USB interface
Compact: Can fit into tight fixed or mobile devices (6.8mm height)
Beyond barcode: Supports multiple imaging applications (OCR, DPM, parsing)
Applications: For fixed mount, medical solutions, CM Series offers a complete choice of barcode scanning performance in a very compact, ready to integrate package.

CF3680 Series

CF3680 Series 2D Scan Module

Specialized: For fixed mount, customer facing applications
Digital barcode: Large exit window for reading barcodes off phone screens
Patient safe: Laser free aimer
Easy to integrate: All in one solution
Enhanced user operation for close contact scanning: operated by simply approaching the exit window (programmable distance)
Applications: Designed for kiosk and counter operation, CF3680 reads digital and off paper barcodes to support an efficient and comfortable patient admission process.

EX25 Series

EX25 Series 2D Scan Module

Versatile: Reads barcodes from 20cm to up to 15m
Intuitive: Can read any 1D or 2D barcode in any direction
Powerful captures high resolution images (1Mpx), extending applications and customer use
Faster integration: Decoded out operation
Robust: Designed to withstand stringent levels of shocks & environmental specifications
Applications: Ideal for warehouse & logistics, EX25 is the barcode scan engine that covers all applications for stock management.

VuQuest 3330g

VuQuest 3330g 2D Scan Module

Effective: Fast and robust scanning performance (up to 6m/s)
Adaptable: SR & HD optics, USB or TTL interface
Extended supply life: Based onto Honeywell proprietary WVGA sensor
Patient safe: Laser free aimer
Easy to integrate: All in one solution
Beyond barcode: Supports multiple imaging applications (OCR, DPM, parsing)
Applications: Designed to support high barcode scanning throughput required in medical laboratory equipment.


SwiftDecoder Software

Snappy barcode scanning: Helps to expedite the scanning process and minimize errors and delays
Flexible: Accommodates mobile and non-mobile platforms, while effectively reading poor quality barcodes
Omnidirectionality: Enhances ease-of-use and enables successful first-pass reads
Applications: The software is available as a ‘no-integration’ downloadable app or as a SDK for integration by programmers who develop barcode scanning apps or custom barcode scanner hardware.


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