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The N5X80 Series combines a compact, lightweight, optical module and decoder board plus the latest CMOS industrial-grade, image sensor technology, illumination and optics. It’s an easy-to-integrate decoding subsystem that’s ideal for most data capture applications. Choose from the 5080 LED Aimer, the 5180 High Visibility LED Aimer, and the 5380 Laser Aimer.

Ideal as drop-in modules for most data capture applications, these full omnidirectional readers are available in configurations to meet your integration needs. Several focal distances, mounting options, aiming ergonomics and decoder license configurations are available.


  • High performance imaging: Powered by Adaptus™ Imaging Technology for aggressive barcode reading performance, plus the ability to capture crisp digital images.
  • Industry-leading motion tolerance, low light sensitivity and broad depth of reading distances.
  • Integrated decoding: Built on decades of decoding expertise, these decoded out engines will read all major linear, stacked linear and matrix barcodes, as well as machine-readable OCR fonts.
  • Easy to use: Available in high visibility LED and laser aimer versions, these omnidirectional area imagers make reading linear and full matrix codes quick and easy.
  • Small size and low current draw: Allow the engines to be integrated with minimal mechanical modifications.
  • Decoder module supports standard serial and USB interfaces that, in most cases, do not require hardware modifications to existing platforms.
  • Rugged durability: Designed with industrial-grade image sensor and no moving parts, these imagers can withstand rugged applications and sub-zero freezing temperatures. Built to withstand 18 shocks of 2.500 G.


  • Barcode scanners
  • Handheld mobile computers
  • Medizinische Instrumente
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Gaming terminals
  • Verkaufsautomaten
  • Robotik
 Series 2D Scan Engines - Honeywell


N5X80 Series 2D Scan Engines Datasheet Datenblatt Englisch 212KB
N56XX and N5X80 Quick Start Guide Installationsanweisungen Englisch 189KB
5X10/5X80 User's Guide Installationsanweisungen Englisch 1MB
5X80 Series Integration Manual Installationsanweisungen Englisch 2MB
5X80 Series Software Development Kit User's Guide Installationsanweisungen Englisch 307KB
USB Interfaces Application Note Anwendungshinweise Englisch 3MB
N5X80 Series 2D Scan Engine Highres Photo Foto -- 548KB
N5X80 Series 2D Scan Engine Lowres Photo Foto -- 76KB
Product Certifications Webpage Englisch


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