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Customization is standard with Honeywell’s rotary switches, which are tested to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions and contaminants such as temperature cycling, chemical splashes, pressure wash, vibration, dust, humidity, and salt.

Honeywell’s broad range of product options simplifies the way you build the rotary switch for and application. Optional features of momentary positions, terminal and integral connector types, UL-ratings, and various circuitry configurations are available to promote design flexibility. These options, coupled with the wide electrical rating and temperature range, come standard on every switch to meet the growing needs of our customers.

Features and benefits:

  • Durable construction – polypropylene plastic housing (rear) improves durability and supports equipment.
  • Wide range of configuration – two-, three-, or four-position switches, maintained and momentary (recoil) positions and numerous circuitry configurations allow for customization of equipment operation and control.
  • Many connector choices – integral connector (Metri-Pack, Sumitomo): Two-, three-, or four-position switches. Screw terminal: Two- or three-position switches.
  • Faster assembly – integral connectors facilitate quick assembly and minimize the potential for wiring errors.
  • Longer switch life – thanks to their ability to keep dirt and moisture out of the contact chamber.

Designed to withstand harsh environments with a durable, environmentally-sealed design, Honeywell rotary switches are found in rugged applications, from off-road vehicles like ATVs, snowmobiles, and motorcycles to agriculture, construction, industrial, lawn and garden equipment. Other product applications include:

  • golf carts
  • aerial lifts
  • telehandlers
  • skid loaders
  • forklifts
  • tractors
  • material handlers
  • marine equipment
  • generators
Rotary Switches - Honeywell


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Browse Rotary Switches Products

Product Connector Position Electrical Rating
84825 MetriPak 280 Two (Off-On); 4 terminals 12 Vdc, 20 A; 24 Vdc, 8 A (Res.)
84826 MetriPak 280 Three [Off-On-Start (momentary)]; 4 terminals 12 Vdc, 20 A; 24 Vdc, 8 A (Res.)
89165 MetriPak 280 Three [Off (magneto ground)-On-Start (momentary)]; 6 terminals 12 Vdc, 20 A; 24 Vdc, 8 A (Res.)
89477 MetriPak 280 Four [Off-Ignition-Ignition Heat-Ignition Heat Start (momentary)]; 4 terminals 12 Vdc, 20 A; 24 Vdc, 8 A (Res.)
89697 MetriPak 280 Three [Off-On(1)-On(2 Dual Circuit)]; 4 terminals 12 Vdc, 20 A; 24 Vdc, 8 A (Res.)


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