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SZR-LY Series general-purpose power relays are designed for a wide range of applications including power as well as logic control for factory machines and control panels.

  • A wide range of applications from power to sequence control
  • Designed small, two-pole type breaks 10 A load
  • Silver Cadium Oxide contact
  • High dielectric strength (1,800 Vac)
  • High reliability and long life
  • Ultra-high sensitivity with quick response time
  • High vibration and shock resistance
  • UL, CE approved
LY Series power relays - Honeywell


SZR-LY Series Power Relays Datasheet English 548KB
Relays Presentation Technical Information English 566KB
SZR-LY Chart Selection Guide English 38KB

Browse LY Series Products

Product Current Rating Terminal Switching (Resistive Load)
SZR-LY2-1-AC110-120V 10 A Solder/Plug-In 1100 VA
SZR-LY2-1-AC220V 10 A Solder/Plug-In 1100 VA
SZR-LY2-1-DC12V 10 A Solder/Plug-In 240 W
SZR-LY2-1-DC24V 10 A Solder/Plug-In 240 W
SZR-LY2-1P-AC110-120V 10 A PCB 1100 VA
SZR-LY2-1P-DC24V 10 A PCB 240 W
SZR-LY2-D1-DC24V 10 A Solder/Plug-In 240 W
SZR-LY2-N1-AC110-120V 10 A Solder/Plug-In 1100 VA
SZR-LY2-N1-AC220V 10 A Solder/Plug-In 1100 VA
SZR-LY2-N1-DC12V 10 A Solder/Plug-In 240 W


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