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These rugged and reliable switches increase application reliability and facilitate seamless equipment operation and control with their ability to keep dirt and moisture out of the contact chamber, thereby prolonging switch life. The two-, three-, and four position key switch options easily integrate into specific application designs.

Designed to withstand harsh environments with a robust, environmentally sealed design, Honeywell key and ignition switches are found in the toughest applications, from off-road vehicles like ATVs, snowmobiles, and motorcycles to agriculture, construction, industrial, and lawn and garden equipment.

Key Switches - Honeywell


Key and Ignition Switches Datasheet Datasheet English 9MB
Sensors and Switches in Oil Rig Applications Application Note English 7MB
Sensors and Switches in Mobile Cranes Application Note English 2MB
Sensors and Switches in Front Loaders Application Note English 3MB
Key and Rotary Switches Line Guide Product Line Guide English 340KB
Controls, Monitors, and Pressure Switches Range Guide Product Range Guide English 2MB
Transportation Range Guide Product Range Guide English 4MB
Partners Providing Technical Safety and Productivity Solutions Product Range Guide English 11MB

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Product Connector Position Electrical Rating
84828 Screw Two (Off-On); 3 terminals 12 Vdc, 20 A; 24 Vdc, 10 A; 48 Vdc, 4 A (Res.)
84829 Screw Three (Off-On-Start); 3 terminals 12 Vdc, 20 A; 24 Vdc, 10 A; 48 Vdc, 4 A (Res.)
84830 Screw Three (On-Off-On); 6 terminals 12 Vdc, 20 A; 24 Vdc, 10 A; 48 Vdc, 4 A (Res.)
89947 Screw Two (Off-On(2 circuit)); 6 terminals 12 Vdc, 20 A; 24 Vdc, 10 A; 48 Vdc, 4 A (Res.)


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