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Now you can add high performance 2D imaging to even the smallest devices such as miniature, handheld scanners, smartphones, and even wearable devices. Simply combine the Mini DB decoder board with an N6600 (LED aimer) or N6603 (laser aimer) ultra-slim area-imaging engine. It’s the easy way to embed a complete 2D imaging solution in an exceptionally small space, and enjoy greater design flexibility and integration than ever before.

The Mini DB supports the N660X’s parallel interface (30-pin). For the host interface, we creatively combined three types of host connections:

  • Board to Board (B2B): Allows a snap-on installation to the main board with additional hold-down screws. This “cable-less” solution eliminates an additional flex cable and connector while providing a more compact footprint.
  • Flex Cable (12-pin): For designs where the host connection needs to mount the decoder board separate from the host board.
  • RS232 and USB: Both the B2B and 12-pin flex connector versions support both RS232 and USB signals. The flex cable option is compatible with other Honeywell scan engines, such as the N568X and N431X.

Mini DB includes our latest decode library for optimized performance. You'll also benefit from the most complete barcode symbology support, unparalleled motion tolerance, and aggressive scanning on all types of barcodes, even those poorly printed, or read directly off smartphone screens.


  • 60% smaller than previous-generation decoder boards: Saves space without sacrificing performance.
  • Advanced imaging technology: Lends full symbology support, outstanding motion tolerance, mobile phone reading, and even reads damaged barcodes.
  • Supports multiple interfaces: Including both B2B (board to board) and flex cable connections with RS232 and USB options.
  • Optimized for ultra-slim Honeywell scan engines: Includes the N6600 (LED-based aimer), N6603 (laser-based aimer), and the N5600 Series.
  • Customize with TotalFreedom open-system architecture: Develop software plug-ins to implement value-added custom features such as Honeywell’s EasyDL™.
  • Flash-upgradeable: Ensures continuous innovation and support.

Potential Applications

Designed for very small devices such as:

  • Miniature handheld scanners
  • Sleek, consumerized smartphones
  • Wearable devices
Mini DB 2D Decoder Board - Honeywell


Mini DB 2D Decoder Board Datasheet Datasheet English 146KB
Mini DB Development Kit, Board to Board Interface, Quick Start Guide Installation Instructions English 474KB
Mini DB Development Kit, Board to ZIF Interface, Quick Start Guide Installation Instructions English 527KB
Two Technologies Case Study Case Study English 309KB
Mini DB 2D Decoder Board Highres Photo Photo English 65KB
Mini DB 2D Decoder Board Lowres Photo Photo English 75KB
Product Certifications Webpage English
Scan Engines and Decoding Software Pocket Guide Product Range Guide English 3MB
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