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Combining compact size and exceptional linear scanning performance, the EV15 High-Performance APS Scan Engine is the decoded version of our popular EV10 engine. EV15 based on a patented bi-linear CMOS sensor using state-of-the-art Active Pixel Sensor (APS) technology. Thanks to recent developments in decoding technology, the EV15 provides a very high scan rate and a large depth of field. As a result, it’s able to read even the most elusive barcodes, including poorly printed, damaged, low contrast, wide or high-density codes.

The EV15 engine also simplifies electrical integration. The 3.3 V low power operation is ideal for preserving battery life in mobile applications, and the standby current is reduced to micro amps, preserving the host device’s battery when the scan engine is not in use.

Because it has no moving parts and no laser diode, the EV15 scan engine has a longer life than most laser scanners, with an MTBF above 250,000 hr. Its rugged design can withstand 2000 G shocks and 50 G vibrations in a wide operating temperature range.


  • Features a bi-linear CMOS sensor with APS technology for rapid scanning: Up to 500 scans per second.
  • Highly visible aimer: Unique, 617 nm illumination system improves usability and throughput; its safe, bright and sharp aiming line is easy to see, even in brightly lit or backlit conditions.
  • Very compact, extremely durable: Despite its small size, the EV15 scan engine is extremely durable, perfect for integration into your rugged devices.
  • Field-upgradable via flash memory: Provides a provision for future requirements.

Potential Applications

Designed for OEM applications in space-constrained portable and fixed devices, including:
  • Handheld terminals
  • PDAs
  • PC and cell phone peripherals
  • Lottery terminals
  • Time and attendance terminals
  • Access control
  • Automated sorting machines
  • Tape libraries
EV15 1D Scan Engine - Honeywell


EV15 1D Scan Engine Datasheet Datasheet English 193KB
Intermec End User License Agreement Technical Information English 103KB
EV15 1D Scan Engine Highres Photo Photo -- 267KB
EV15 1D Scan Engine Lowres Photo Photo -- 60KB
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Scan Engines and Decoding Software Pocket Guide Product Range Guide English 3MB
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