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The EA21 Decoded 2D Imager combines high-performance 1D/2D barcode scanning and megapixel document imaging into one compact form factor. Thanks to its wide angle and large sensor, the EA21 imager is an excellent choice for image capture and analysis applications. Powered by Honeywell patented decoding and leading edge hardware, this device is an ideal solution for mobile products with the most stringent mechanical constraints. As an OEM, this gives you freedom in your total product design to achieve the smallest, lightest result possible.

The EA21 imager features Honeywell’s ED40, one of the industry’s smallest USB 2.0 decode boards. For larger volume requirements, choose our reference design option to optimize space constraints even further.


  • Megapixel imager and wide-angle optics: Captures documents up to A4 format.
  • 1D/2D Omnidirectional scanning: Supports image and video capture.
  • Laser pointer and four-corner framer: Easily targets images and barcodes.
  • Operates from total darkness to full sunshine, over a wide temperature range.
  • Space-saving design: Combines document capture and rapid barcode scanning in one component.
  • Rugged: Built to work in the most hostile environments.
  • Flash upgradable and configurable online or offline: Matches your product requirements and ensures upgrade readiness when the market demands.
  • Plug-compatible with other Honeywell EA scan engines: Provides maximum design flexibility.
    • Potential Applications

      Designed for mobile products with the most stringent mechanical constraints

EA21 2D Scan Engine - Honeywell


EA21 2D Scan Engine Datasheet Datasheet English 207KB
EA21 2D Scan Engine Highres Photo Photo English 817KB
EA21 2D Scan Engine Lowres Photo Photo English 74KB
Product Certifications Webpage English
Scan Engines and Decoding Software Pocket Guide Product Range Guide English 3MB
Optical Engines Medical Brochure Brochure English 5MB


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