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SDP8600 Series Optoschmitt Detector, Side-looking Plastic Package.
The SDP86XX series is a family of single chip Optoschmitt IC detectors molded in a side-looking black plastic package to minimize the effect of visible ambient light. The photodetector consists of a photodiode, amplifier, voltage regulator, Schmitt trigger and an NPN output transistor with a 10 kOhm (nominal) pull-up resistor. Output rise and fall times are independent of the rate of change of incident light. Detector sensitivity has been internally temperature compensated. Flexibility of use is enhanced by a choice of three different lead configurations; in-line (SDP8601/8611), 0.05 in (1.27 mm) offset pin circle (SDP8600/8610) and 0.10 in (2.54 mm) offset center lead (SDP8602/8612).

Device Polarity:

Buffer - Output is HI when incident light intensity is above the turn-on threshold level.

Inverter - Output is LO when incident light intensity is above the turn-on threshold level.

SDP8600-002 Optoschmitt Detectors - Honeywell

Product Features

  • Side-looking plastic package
  • 55 ° (nominal) acceptance angle
  • Wide sensitivity ranges
  • TTL/LSTTL/CMOS compatible
  • Buffer (SDP8600/8601/8602) or inverting (SDP8610/8611/8612) logic available
  • Three different lead spacing arrangements
  • Mechanically and spectrally matched to SEP8506 and SEP8706 infrared emitting diodes


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