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SDP8436 Series Silicon Phototransistor, Side-looking Black Plastic Package.
The SDP8436 is an NPN silicon phototransistor molded in a black plastic package which combines the mounting advantages of a side-looking package with the narrow acceptance angle and high optical gain of a T-1 package. The SDP8436 is designed for those applications which require longer coupling distances than standard side-looking devices can provide, such as touch screens. The device is also well suited to applications in which adjacent channel crosstalk could be a problem. The package is highly transmissive to the IR source energy while it provides effective shielding against visible ambient light.
SDP8436-004 Plastic & Ceramic Package Phototransistors - Honeywell

Product Features

  • Side-looking plastic package
  • 18 ° (nominal) acceptance angle
  • Enhanced coupling distance
  • Internal visible light rejection filter
  • Low profile for design flexibility
  • Wide sensitivity ranges
  • Mechanically matched to SEP8736 infrared emitting diodes


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