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HOA1881 Series Transmissive Sensor, Darlington Output, Plastic Package.
The HOA1881 series consists of an infrared emitting diode facing an NPN silicon phototransistor (HOA1881-011, -012)or photodarlington (HOA1881-013)encased in a black thermoplastic housing. Detector switching takes place whenever an opaque object passes through the slot between emitter and detector. The lead wires of minimum length 18.0 in (457 mm) provide alternate electrical connection when PC board mounting is not possible. The HOA1881 series employs plastic molded components. For additional component information see SEP8506, SDP8406, and SDP8106.

Housing material is nylon. Housings are soluble in chlorinated hydrocarbons and ketones. Recommended cleaning agents are methanol and isopropanol.

Wire color code and functions are:
  Black - IRED Anode
  Orange - Detector Collector
  Brown - IRED Cathode
  Red - Detector Emitter

HOA1881-013 Transmissive Infrared Sensors - Honeywell

Product Features

  • Choice of phototransistor or photodarlington output
  • 0.060 in [1.52 mm] dia. detector aperture
  • 0.125 in [3.18 mm] slot width
  • 18.0 in [457 mm] min. 22 AWG UL 1429 wire leads


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