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HLC2701 Series Infrared Component, Encoder Sensor, Output Option, Direction Side-Looking, Plastic Package.
The HLC2701 detector is designed to sense speed and direction of mechanical motion. Applications include rotary and linear encoders; the device is especially well suited for the encoding function in an optical mouse. The detector is a monolithic IC, consisting of two narrow adjacent photodiodes, amplifiers, and Schmitt trigger output stages. The outputs are NPN collectors with internal 10 kOhm (nominal) pull-up resistors to Vcc which can directly drive TTL loads. It incorporates circuitry to compensate the sensitivity for the output power versus temperature characteristics of an IRED. The IC is encapsulated in a molded, unlensed black plastic package which is transmissive to IR energy, yet provides shielding from visible light.

In a typical application, the HLC2701 is used in conjunction with an IRED and an encoder disk or linear encoder strip attached to an element for which speed and direction of movement is to be sensed. As the interruptive pattern moves, the sensor provides two phase shifted output signals (active low) which can be processed to provide the speed and direction information.

The sensing areas of the IC are each 0.008 in (0.203 mm) in width and 0.015 in (0.381 mm) in height with a 0.001 in (0.0254 mm) separation, for center-to-center spacing of 0.009 in (0.203 mm), and outside edge to edge distance of 0.017 in (0.432 mm).

HLC2701-001 Encoders - Honeywell

Product Features

  • Side-looking plastic package
  • TTL/LSTTL/CMOS compatible
  • Inverting logic output
  • Linear or rotary encoder applications
  • Resolution to 0.009 in [0.229 mm]
  • Sensitivity versus temperature compensation
  • Mechanically and spectrally matched to SEP8506 and SEP8706 infrared emitting diodes


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