Sensing and Control


Honeywell Sensing and Control is an OEM and PMA holder for a variety of position transmitters, cockpit indicators, accelerometers, and pilot control equipment.

We invite you  to experience the benefits of OEM factory repair and overhaul on our products. We are EASA and FAA certified, and also support a range of military equipment.


As the OEM, we can:

Analyze failure and repair trends to create preventative maintenance recommendations
Provide full factory ATP testing rather than mere functional test - allows for identification of marginal or eroding conditions that may otherwise be returned as “no fault found”
Offer customized service programs including rotables, reliability improvement programs, upgrades, and trend analysis in aging products
Participate in comprehensive service agreements in cooperation with Honeywell Aerospace
Furnish both repair and full overhaul services

For more information, contact us at or call +1-231-582-3946


Additional Services and Benefits:

Product design and sustaining engineering on-site
Offer AOG support in conjunction with world-wide distribution
Turn around time for frequently repaired part numbers often less than 15 days
On-site environmental test facility to simulate on-aircraft conditions for fault analysis
Full-page brochure with part numbers

For more information, contact us at or call +1-231-582-3946