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Rugged Construction. Custom Solutions. Honeywell shifters are crafted for enhanced off-highway application performance, precision, direction, and speed control. Our electromechanical shifters are completely sealed and built to withstand rugged conditions and harsh environments.

But more importantly, our engineers offer industry-leading design experience and expertise — for customized solutions to meet any of your exacting specifications.

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  • Rugged construction
  • Custom Solutions.
  • Completely sealed versions available
  • Built to withstand harsh environments
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Mounting left, right
Column size 38 mm, 45 mm, 55 mm
Neutral lock none, drop-down
Speeds 2, 3, 4, and 6
Buttons horn, wash, or drop-down
Connectors integral Packard, integral Deutsch, wire harness
Expected cycle life 1 million (rotary); 500000 (shifter handle)
Lever 3 million (with drop-down neutral lock); 1 million (without drop-down neutral lock)
Operating temperature -40°C to 85°C [-40°F to 185°F]
Operating voltage range 3 V to 32 V
Handle dead weight limit 160 lb [712 Newtons]
Solenoid load 2 A @ 12.8 V with arc suppression