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MICRO SWITCH™ Pushbutton Switches

MICRO SWITCH™ Pushbutton Switches

Pushing industry innovation. As a global leader in switching products we offer a comprehensive line of pushbutton switches — including touch feedback, short travel, panel sealed, watertight, hermetically sealed, and miniature switch series.

Excelling in applications ranging from light industrial to aerospace, Honeywell pushbutton switches:

  • Compact and durable
  • Offer up to four poles — with momentary and alt-action
  • Offer choice of different colors, shapes and termination options
  • FAA and PMA approved and military specification listing available
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MICRO SWITCH™ unlit pushbutton switches

Unlit Pushbutton Switches


  • Hermetically sealed and corrosion resistant for protection on control boards and panels
  • Meets explosion-proof requirements for added safety
  • Compact size, miniature versions, multiple designs available
  • Termination options include solder, H58 quick connect, and PCB
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MICRO SWITCH™ unlit pushbutton switches PB Series MICRO SWITCH™ PB Series
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Panel area 0.8 in x 1.4 in max. (behind panel)
Display 8,1 mm [0.32 in] and other button sizes
Colored buttons available
Mounting threaded bushing
Termination solder, H58, quick-connect
Sealing panel sealed and hermetically sealed switches available
Electrical data 0.5 A to 5 A; 125/250 Vac, 28 Vdc
Approvals UL, CSA, some meet MIL-S-8805/23

MICRO SWITCH™ lit pushbutton switches

Lit Pushbutton Switches


  • Electronic and power-duty control to satisfy a variety of electronic requirements
  • Incandescent lamps, neon, or LEDs for low maintenance illumination
  • Mounting options include snap-in, strip, matrix, subpanel, pc board, and bezel for ease of assembly
  • Termination styles of solder, quick connect, pcb, and push-on to meet specific assembly requirements
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MICRO SWITCH™ lit pushbutton switches AML Series MICRO SWITCH™ AML Series
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Panel area 20,5 mm [0.80 in] square, 20,5 mm x 30,5 mm [0.80 in x 1.20 in] rectangular 15 mm x 9,9 mm [0.59 in x 0.39 in] rectangular, 17,8 mm x 12,7 mm [0.70 in x 0.50 in] rectangular, 9,9 mm [0.39 in] square See engineering drawing
Display 15,0 mm [0.59 in] square, 15 mm x 25 mm [0.59 in x 0.99 in] buttons 13 mm x 6,6 mm [0.51 in x 0.26 in] rectangular, 6,8 mm [0.27 in] square LED backlit legend
Illumination incandescent T-1-3/4 lamps — 6 V, 14 V, 28 V; leds — 2 V, 4 V, 5 V, 10 V, 15 V neon lamps — 125 V, 250 V T-1 — 5 V, 28 incandescent T-1-3/4 leds — 2.0 V, 2.5 V, 3.0 V High intensity LED indicator and soft LED backlit legend
Behind panel depth 43,1 mm [1.7 in] 17,0 mm [0.67 in] Approx. 1 inch
Mounting snap-in individual, strip, matrix, sub-panel, pc board snap-in individual, strip, sub-panel, pc board, bezel Front panel hard mount
Termination solder, quick-connect, pc board, push-on solder, quick-connect, printed wiring board Hook or solder T2
Sealing Optional panel seal   NEMA 4 & 13
Electrical data electronic control: up to 3 A, 125 Vac silver contacts: up to 1 A, 125 Vac; 6 A @ 125 Vac, 250 Vac; 2 A @ 30 Vdc; 1 A @ 125 Vdc; 1/10 hp @ 125 Vac gold contacts: up to 0.25 A, 30 Vdc; UL rating 0.10 A 28VDC or 125VAC inputs, 1A-7A resistive, .5A-4A inductive
Approvals UL, CSA, VDE, and CE (selected products) UL, CSA