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Keyless Entry Sensors Line Guide

Keyless Entry Sensors

The key to industry leadership. Honeywell Sensing and Control passive keyless sensors are built to offer enhanced response times, reduced power consumption and flexible position and placement options. Based on optical technology, this sensor detects the obstruction of an optical beam before hanging and pulling the door handle.

In essence, it can anticipate a hand grabbing the door handle, then wake the identification unit of a passive entry security system. What's more, Honeywell offers unique design flexibility, and delivers a superior performing sensor including industry-leading responsiveness (< 3.5 ms) and low power usage (< 300 mA).

keyless entry sensors

Keyless Entry Sensors


  • Industry leading responsiveness (< 3.5 ms)
  • Low power usage (<300 µA)
  • Coded communication via 3D low frequency/radio
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keyless entry sensors Integral Connector Keyless Access Sensor
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Power supply 9 Vdc to 24 Vdc
Power consumption <300 mA
Response time <3.5 ms
Operating temperature 30 °C to 80 °C
[86 °F to 176 °F]
Sealing IP 67
Mechanical qualification CEI 68, CEI 529
Electrical qualification CEI 1000-4-2. CISPR 25, NF R 13-004