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Aerospace Pressure Switch

Pressure Switch

Honeywell's MICRO SWITCH™ 1HP Series pressure switches are designed for optimization to each aerospace and defense application. The lightweight, compact pressure switches sense a change in gas or liquid pressure, opening or closing an electrical circuit when the designated pressure point is reached. The design modularity allows for configuration of the switch, facilitating rapid customization to the precise, demanding requirements of aerospace and defense applications.

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MICRO SWITCH™ 1HP Series pressure switches

Pressure Switch


  • Design modularization allows for rapid prototyping and development.
  • Highly customizable for demanding military and aerospace applications.
  • High quality switch that meets military and DO-160 standards.
  • Vertically integrated production for faster lead-times.
  • Strong application support with MICRO SWITCH™ expertise.
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Pressure Switches Pressure Switch 1HP Series
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Set point pressure 150 psi to 5000 psi
Burst pressure 150 psi to 5000 psi
Qualifications Qualified to RTCA DO-160D aerospace specification
Ratings MIL-PRF-8805 rated switch mechanism
Media compatibility Suitable for air, fuel water, oil, Skydrol
Operating temperature -55°C to 70°C (-67°F to 158°F)
Storage temperature -55°C to 85°C (-67°F to 185°F)