Sensing and Control

Honeywell is driven to transform the industry with every part and every composition we create. Our transportation solutions are customized to exacting specifications, yet flexible to every need. Designed to withstand harsh environments, including the most competitive marketplace.


From pressure sensors, custom controls, lighting meters and key switches to anything you need for backhoes, military ground equipment, tractors, snowmobiles, dump trucks or most any off- highway vehicle — including custom solutions for agriculture, construction and sport vehicles.


On or off highway, put your trust in a company with the drive and innovation to put it together better. A company always focused on a safer, more secure world.


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Aerospace and Military Products




Our products are used in many applications. View our application notes for more details.


Potential Applications:

Engine Monitoring: Animation, Demo pages - English, Chinese
Transission Sensing: Animation, Demo pages - English, Chinese
Stability sensing (Also Chinese Version)
Brake systems
Operator controls (Also Chinese Version)
Boom and crane angle sensing (Also Chinese Version)
Wheel speed sensing
Fuel level sensing
Vehicle tilt sensing

Additional Information:

Transportation Range Guide
Mobile Cranes Brochure
Engine Transmissions Brochure
Front Loaders Brochure
Vehicle Chassis Brochure
Vehicle Engines Brochure

Product Groups:

Custom controls
Hall-effect/magnetic position sensors
Hour meters
Humidity sensors
Infrared sensors
Key switches
Keyless entry sensors
MICRO SWITCH™ basic switches
MICRO SWITCH™ limit switches
MICRO SWITCH™ toggle switches
MICRO SWITCH™ pushbutton switches
Position sensors (rotary)
Power relays
Pressure sensors/stainless
Pressure sensors/silicon
Pressure/vacuum switches
Push/pull switches
Speed sensors
Temperature sensors
Turn signals