Sensing and Control

Honeywell Sensing and Control provides medical OEMs and designers with a broad suite of high performance and reliable sensors and switches used in hundreds of medical applications. Doctors and patients trust that the medical products they use will perform safely, reliably and effectively. We understand the needs of the medical industry and we work closely with medical companies to provide the right sensor for each application. Our unique combination of product leadership, application expertise and stable delivery make Honeywell site the natural choice for your sensing switching. We’ve been doing this for decades and we will be here for the long term to support your future needs. Honeywell is the brand you can trust.



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Our products are used in many applications. View our application notes for more details.


Potential Applications and Demonstration
• Infusion Pumps

• Respiratory Machines

Anesthesia Machines (also Chinese Version)

Ventilators (also Chinese Version)

Dialysis Machines (also Chinese Version)

• Oxygen Concentrators


Additional Information:
Medical Applications Brochure

Medical Applications Overview Chart

Medical Range Guide

Sensors and Switches for Potential Medical Applications)

Thermal Management Solutions Brochure

Value-Added Assemblies For Medical Applications



Product Groups:
Pressure Sensors - Board Mount

Pressure Sensors – Heavy Duty

Pressure Transducers – Heavy Duty

Force Sensors

Airflow Sensors

Temperature Sensors


Flexible Heaters

Humidity Sensors

Infrared Sensors

Magnetic Sensor ICs

Pressure Switches

Basic Switches

Hour Meters

Value-Added Assemblies