Sensing and Control
Aerospace & Military

When it's mission critical, you can't have a supplier flying blind. That's why our half-century of expertise in aerospace, avionics and defense is indispensable. Honeywell-patented technologies and engineered excellence delivers electromechanical systems — from discrete components to pilot interface and integrated controls. We develop custom solutions and key switching and sensing products for the widest range of customers, including all major aircraft OEMs to foreign and U.S. government agencies.

Our integrated supply chain and global footprint can optimize any order, whether it's one piece or a full-system design. We also provide turnkey software and electronic and system integration for the most complex requirements — resulting in components with smoother performance, flexible packaging and superior reliability.

In addition to switching and sensing platform products, our Boyne City facility provides full life cycle support for all products. Product support includes repair and overhaul services, technical publications, AOG support, spare sales, sustaining engineering and customer support.
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Utilize Honeywell Sensing & Control's industry relationships, and let our project engineers create custom-crafted aerospace and military-qualified technology for you. Whether you've known us as Bendix, Sperry, Elmwood, MICRO SWITCH™, Courter or AlliedSignal, you've known us as the unquestioned leader. Trust Honeywell, in the air and on the march.


Potential Applications and Demonstrations:

Engine and fuel systems
Flap selectors
Cockpit controls
Doors and slides
Landing Gear
Environmental conditioning
Bomb and missile racks
Repair and overhaul
Test and measurement equipment
Ground vehicles

Additional Information:

Aerospace & Defense Product Range Guide  

Product Groups:

Proximity Sensors
Linear Force Measurement
Integrated, Value-added Assemblies
Pilot Controls
Pressure Switches (Aerospace Grade)
Rotary Position Measurement
Torque and Multi-Axis Sensing
MICRO SWITCH™ Limit Switches
MICRO SWITCH™ Basic Switches
MICRO SWITCH™ Sealed Toggle Switches
Flexible Heaters
Pressure Sensors - Stainless Steel Media Isolated
OEM Repair and Overhaul Services
Speed VRS Sensors
Test and Measurement Sensors


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Our products are used in many applications. View our application notes  for more details.