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MLT Series Linear Position Transducer, 152,4 mm [6.0 in] Electrical Travel, 1.0 % Linearity, Item Number F38000106

The MLT Series is a small-diameter linear position transducer that is rugged enough to withstand hostile factory environments. Using a proprietary dual wiper, internal ball joint and the MystR® conductive plastic film the MLT provides a usable output at high vibration levels over long periods of time. MLT transducers use precious metal wipers to further enhance reliability.

The MLT's 3/8 inch diameter is among the smallest available and can used to replace LVDT's in many applications.

Intrinsically safe for Class I, II and III Division I, Groups A, B, C, D, E, F and G for hazardous (indoor/outdoor) NEMA 4 locations. V max.=30 V, I max.=100 mA, Ci=0, Li,=0mH.

  • MystR® plastic element - Tested up to one billion operations
  • 3/8 inch diameter - Fits in tight spaces and clamps easily to cylinders
  • Dual wiper design - Improves shock and vibration performance
  • Extruded wiper block guides - Smooth quiet motion, extends operating life
  • Internal spring loaded ball joint - Less error from shaft misalignment
  • Anodized extruded aluminum housing - Tolerates clamping loads
  • Stainless steel shaft - Full performance in hostile environments
  • Precious metal contact - Low noise level over entire life
  • Absolute continuous measurement - Accurate position at power up

Typical Applications
  • Medical equipment
  • Hospital beds
  • Linear actuators
  • Animated characters
  • Gauging
  • Woodworking guides
  • Fluid flow meters
  • Seismology
  • Semiconductor Processing

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