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Honeywell Introduces New Version of SmartPAC«-Hydraulic Press Automation Control

FREEPORT, Illinois, December 21, 2000 — The Sensing and Control Business of Honeywell [NYSE:HON] has introduced a new version of the Wintriss« SmartPAC-Hydraulic press automation control. Settings can now be automated for return on pressure and dwell time on hydraulic presses. Once the return pressure and dwell time are programmed for each tool, SmartPAC-Hydraulic automatically sets those values every time a tool is loaded.

This feature can be used on any hydraulic press that has manual control for setting the return pressure, a timer to set the dwell time and a dedicated pressure transducer, available from Sensing and Control as an extra-cost option.

Using a magnetostrictive transducer, SmartPAC-Hydraulic constantly monitors the ram position.  It stores top- and bottom-dead-center (TDC and BDC) positions and other settings in its memory for up to 200 tools. SmartPAC-Hydraulic performs many of the same press control functions as Honeywell’s original SmartPAC, and can use most of the same modules, including:

- DiProPAC« die protection for 8 or 16 sensors

- ProCamPAC« 8-channel programmable limit switch

- AutoSetPAC« 2- or 4-input tonnage monitor

- PM Monitor preventive maintenance monitor

- Many popular servofeed interfaces

- Bilingual (Spanish/English) run menus

- Interface to PACNet« pressroom reporting software

- PLC interface

Honeywell Sensing and Control provides a broad portfolio of Wintriss-brand automation and safety products to the metal stamping and forming industry. The product range includes light curtains, clutch/brake controls, die protection systems, load analyzers, in-die QC systems and pressroom reporting software.

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For more information, contact our Honeywell Sensing and Control facility in Acton MA at (877) 384-1300 or visit our product page.